Wire & Cable

Allen-Bailey Tag & Label provides the wire and cable market with custom printed tags and labels to identify something as small as spools of leader wire for recreational fishing purposes, up to something as large as 8 foot-in-diameter spools of elevator cable.

Accurate Identification

The wire and cable market is traditionally a strong user of tags and labels, particularly for the purpose of product identification. This market falls under strict requirements for highly accurate forms of classification for the particular wire or cable being utilized. Spools cannot lose their method of identification without jeopardizing having to dispose of the product. Therefore, tags must be durable enough to last the lifespan of a wire or cable spool. Many applications may require that a tag or label stays attached to wire and cable that has been placed underground in order to properly identify specifics. Allen-Bailey frequently uses DuPont™ Tyvek® or other synthetic materials for their high durability and weatherability factors.


  • Cable Tags
  • Inventory Control Labels
  • Inventory Control Tags
  • Part Identification Tags
  • Production Tags
  • Spool Tags
  • Wire ID Tags
  • Wire Spool Labels
  • Yardage Tags


  • Continuous Tags for Thermal Transfer Imprinting
  • Die Cut Labels
  • Pinfed Labels
  • Pinfed Tags
  • Single Tags (with or without attachments)