The service market incorporates a variety of tag and label applications. These can range from door hanger tags to key tags used by utility companies. Allen-Bailey Tag & Label also manufactures repair tags used on items as different as bicycles and chainsaws. Although all of our tags and labels are custom, these tags tend to follow a standard format used by most repair shops.

Triage Tags

Triage tags generally follow a standard format with limited customization for the care of patients in an emergency situation. Triage tags are usually accompanied by a string of about 36” inches in length to fit over the body.

Baggage Tags

Long-haul passenger trains commonly utilize baggage tags with one or more stubs, all parts numbered alike and the destination imprinted on each part of the tag. One part is the station’s record while the other is used as the passenger claim check. Tags typically use an elastic string attachment to affix to the luggage.

Ready-To-Rent Tags

Ready-to-rent tags serve a valuable purpose within construction and equipment rental markets. These tags enable the end user to utilize a piece of equipment for a limited period of time without having to make a capital investment. The distinctly different colors of the tag draw attention to the status of a particular piece of equipment.


  • Admission Tags
  • Baggage Tags
  • Door Hanger Tags
  • Lift Tickets
  • Parcel Check Tags
  • Ready-to-Rent Tags
  • Repair Tags
  • Triage Tags


  • Die Cut Door Hanger Tags
  • Die Cut Labels
  • Multi-part Tags
  • Multi-stub Tags
  • Single Tags