The hospitality market, including cruise lines, traditionally uses custom tag and label products mostly for passenger, vehicle, and luggage identification. The principle products manufactured by Allen-Bailey Tag & Label are luggage tags and valet parking tags.

Luggage Tags

Luggage tags can range from something as simple as a single part tag printed on one side, to a manifold tag printed on two sides with a pressure sensitive flap that contains 5 or more labels. Each tag is numbered and each flap contains a corresponding number to ensure that all luggage remains together.

Some cruise lines still purchase luggage tags for each individual passenger on its ship. Another usage of baggage tags is found in the form of Embarkation and Debarkation tags for passengers to enjoy extended side trips during a cruise.

Accommondation Uses

There are tags used behind the scenes at many hotels, casinos and resorts. One example is a uniform repair tag used by the laundry service for employees to make modifications and repairs to uniforms.

Valet Tags

Allen-Bailey also manufactures valet parking tags that feature multiple numbered and bar-coded parts separated by perforations. These tags are widely utilized within the hospitality industry among restaurants, casinos, and hotels.


Most tags utilized within this industry have an attachment; typically cotton or elastic strings, or adhesive on the label portion of a tag to adhere to a luggage handle.


  • Bag Tags for Airlines, Trains, & Cruise Ships
  • Claim Tags
  • Coat Check Tags
  • Embarkation & Debarkation Tags
  • Fragile Luggage Labels
  • Gate Check Tags
  • Golf Bag Tags
  • Laundry Tags
  • Luggage Tags
  • Ski Tags
  • Special Function / Event Tags
  • Uniform / Laundry Repair Tags
  • Valet Parking Tags


  • Consecutively Bar-Coded & Numbered Tags
  • Manifold & Mutlipart Tags
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • Single Tags
  • Thermal Transfer Continuous Tags