General Industrial

Allen-Bailey Tag & Label manufactures custom tags and labels that are utilized for a broad range of purposes. For example, repair tags are used across many industries, from machines and large pieces of equipment that need to be repaired, to smaller items such as bicycles or musical instruments. Part identification tags, or equipment tags, are commonly used within markets to identify certain components prior to assembly and even after assembly. Both examples usually have a wire or string attachment to fasten the tag to a particular piece of equipment.

Danger & Caution Tags

Danger and caution tags are used by many industries with common designs or layouts to them, such as showing the word Danger in reverse print. Red or another significant color is typically chosen to call attention to the tag, especially as part of a Lock-Out Tag-Out Program. Most of our danger and caution tags are made of DuPont™ Tyvek® for the desired durability factor.

Door Hanger Tags

We manufacture door hanger tags that are used by utility companies such as cable or electricity companies, as well as refuse pick-up companies. Custom door hanger tags are a valuable, easy method of conveying information to a customer base about an upcoming service or expansion of existing service.

Shipping Tags & Labels

Almost every industry uses shipping tags or labels. They are attached to a particular piece of equipment and serve as the primary method of conveying a product’s origin and destination.


  • Accept Tags
  • Compliance Tags
  • Danger & Caution Tags
  • Identification Labels
  • Inventory Tags
  • Part Identification Tags
  • Product Identification Tags
  • Repair Tags
  • Shipping Tags & Labels
  • Quality Control Tags
  • Warranty Tags


  • Continuous Tags
  • Die Cut Labels
  • Die Cut Tags
  • Laser Labels
  • Laser Tags
  • Multi-part Tags
  • Sheeted Labels
  • Single Tags
  • Thermal Transfer Labels
  • Thermal Transfer Tags