Brick & Concrete

Allen-Bailey Tag & Label creates custom tags and labels for bricks, paverstones, retaining wall blocks, and concrete slabs. Once a cube of product is wrapped with plastic, our tags are usually inserted in between layers of the plastic while labels are stuck on the outside of the plastic.

Instructional Tags

Our instructional tags guide the contractor to properly select pavers or retaining wall blocks off of a cube. If the selection isn’t done randomly, an unwanted pattern or variation in color may develop within the final layout.

Some tags also provide instructions on how to mitigate the naturally occurring process of effervescence, when limestone permeates to the surface of the stones.

Outdoor Applications

Strap tags can be utilized with different methods of cube wrapping.  This type of tag is securely fashioned to one of the steel or plastic bands surrounding a cube and will withstand the environment as the product is being transported to its destination.

All of the above products can be made out of synthetic materials to be durable and weather-resistant in outdoor applications. If a cube of product will be outside for months, light sensitivity and light fading characteristics are minimized to prevent ink from fading.


Custom printed barcodes and QR Codes are available for tighter inventory control through product identification and tracking. GUIDs (Globally Unique Identifiers) can also be developed for tracing batches of finished product.


  • Cube Labels
  • Cube Strap Tags
  • Identification Tags & Labels
  • Instructional Tags & Labels


  • Die Cut Labels
  • Laser Imprintable Tags & Labels
  • Single Tags
  • Thermal Transfer Tags & Labels
  • Tyvek® Tags