Allen-Bailey Tag & Label has its “roots” in the agriculture market as the company began by making wooden tree and shrubbery ID tags. Our company evolved alongside the change in agriculture tags, from duplex color coated seed tags to the thermal transfer imprinted tags used today. We manufacture custom tags and labels to meet your needs within the agriculture industry.


Allen-Bailey understands that you need your tags and labels to stand up to the harsh elements of the outdoors. In order for your tags and labels to serve as documentation for months and even years to come, our company utilizes durable papers, fibers and synthetic materials for imprinted harvest information and permanent graphics.


Traceability requirements may be accomplished with a thermal transfer tag imprinted at the time of crop harvest to identify harvest information or individual batches and pallets. Some states also use seed tags as a means of tracking the harvesting of a particular crop within their region.

We can assist you in the selection of a software company to record your harvest data and to house this information for retrieval by the entities involved.


  • Batch / Lot Numbering Tags
  • Pallet Labels
  • Plant Price Tags
  • Seed Tags / Sewn in Bag Tags
  • Tank Wash Tags


  • Continuous Tags & Labels
  • Ganged Tags
  • Pinfed, Tyvek® Tags
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • Single Tags
  • Thermal Transfer Tags